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Havanese were AKC recognized in 1996 but the breed is so much older than that.
The Havanese is a descendent of breeds brought to Cuba from Spain and could also be related to the Tenerife, an ancestor of the entire Bichon family.
The Havanese is trainable and intelligent and possesses a naturally affectionate temperament.  The breed is non shedding and is suitable for allergy sufferers.
They range in size from 8 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder.  They should have black rimmed eyes, a black nose and black lips with the exception of a chocolate which is permitted a brown nose.
From My Home to Yours 
The Sire to 2012 litter is DeVita's CH Gin Rickey on the Rocks
The Sire to both 2013 litters is DeVita's CH Twins Son of Freedom (Sonny)
Sire to Rigby's Litter 2014 is DeVita's CH Twins Son of Freedom 
DeVita's CH Twins Son of Freedom

Breed History and Pictures from Previous Litters